Founder/Bit Wrangler

Dave Ely @dely

Dave created RosterMon because he wanted accurate practice squad and injury lists and no one site seemed to doing that job particularly well. He'd been tracking the NFC North for a while and thought it would be a pretty simple task to expand to the rest of the league. He was wrong.

Today RosterMon is the best place to find up to date lists of the players and current status for all 32 teams but also the only place where you will find complete and updated practice squad and injury lists.

Social Media Manager

Brian Umbaugh @greenandgold19

I love to communicate with sports fans that want to know more about their team. I grew up on a steady diet of Wisconsin sports, and as a 6-year-old I would charm my parents' friends by reciting every Packers player, position, and jersey number. Almost 40 years later, I still enjoy finding patterns in team construction, analyzing depth charts, and writing articles on why exactly a particular team may be overrated. This may sound familiar to you, if you're viewing this website.

As a previous media manager at a competing website, I used RosterMon to help build depth charts and write articles and am proud to work with Dave to help satisfy the intellectual curiosity of sports fans like you.

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We strive to have data that is as accurate as we can make it but we're human and errors do happen. If you find an error, please tell us about it.