Buffalo Bills


Roster changes for 2018.

September 2018
  Marshall Newhouse T 2018-09-25   Traded to Panthers
  Jeremiah Sirles T/G 2018-09-25   Signed
  Hunter Sharp WR 2018-09-18   Signed (PS)
  Michael Hunter CB 2018-09-18   Signed (PS)
  Ryan Lewis CB 2018-09-18   PS → ACT
  Vontae Davis CB 2018-09-17   ACT → LS
  Jeremy Kerley WR 2018-09-15   Waived
  Robert Thomas II DT 2018-09-15   PS → ACT
  De'Ondre Wesley T 2018-09-13   Waived
  Ryan Lewis CB 2018-09-13   Signed (PS)
  Ryan Lewis CB 2018-09-12   Waived
  Kyle Peko DT 2018-09-12   Signed (PS)
  Ike Boettger T 2018-09-12   Assigned via Waivers
  Gerhard de Beer T 2018-09-11   Waived
  Adolphus Washington DT 2018-09-10   Waived
  Nate Orchard DE 2018-09-10   Signed
  Robert Thomas II DT 2018-09-03   Signed (PS)
  Ruben Holcomb OL 2018-09-03   Signed (PS)
  Colton Schmidt P 2018-09-02   Waived
  Gerhard de Beer T 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  De'Ondre Wesley T 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Levi Wallace CB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Corey Thompson LB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Cam Phillips WR 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Dean Marlowe S 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Mike Love DE 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Ryan Lewis CB 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Keith Ford RB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Corey Bojorquez P 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Gerhard de Beer T 2018-09-01   Waived
  Xavier Woodson-Luster LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  De'Ondre Wesley T 2018-09-01   Waived
  Levi Wallace CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Tyrunn Walker DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Tanner Vallejo LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Keith Towbridge TE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Corey Thompson LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Rod Streater WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jon Ryan P 2018-09-01   Waived
  Ryan Russell DE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Sam Rogers FB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Brandon Reilly WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Adam Redmond C/G 2018-09-01   Waived
  Austin Proehl WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Mo Porter T 2018-09-01   Waived
  Cam Phillips WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Nick O'Leary TE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Kelcie McCray S 2018-09-01   Waived
  A.J. McCarron QB 2018-09-01   Traded to Raiders
  Dean Marlowe S 2018-09-01   Waived
  Mike Love DE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Josh James T 2018-09-01   Waived
  Albert Havili DL 2018-09-01   Waived
  Rickey Hatley DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Keith Ford RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Terrence Fede DE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Malachi Dupre WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Corey Coleman WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Kaelin Clay WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Ryan Carter CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Travaris Cadet RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Breon Borders CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Ike Boettger T 2018-09-01   Waived
  Mat Boesen DE 2018-09-01   Waived
August 2018
  L.J. McCray DB 2018-08-28   Waived
  Tenny Palepoi DT 2018-08-23   Waived
  Keenan Robinson LB 2018-08-23   ACT → RET
  Marquavius Lewis DT 2018-08-22   Waived
  Tyler Davis K 2018-08-21   Waived
  Jon Ryan P 2018-08-21   Signed
  Tenny Palepoi DT 2018-08-19   Signed
  Cory Carter P 2018-08-19   ACT → IR
  Zach Olstad FB 2018-08-18   Waived
  Sam Rogers FB 2018-08-15   Signed
  Albert Havili DL 2018-08-15   Assigned via Waivers
  Zach Olstad FB 2018-08-15   ACT → IR
  Marquavius Lewis DT 2018-08-15   ACT → IR
  John Hughes III DT 2018-08-12   Waived
  Tyrunn Walker DT 2018-08-12   Signed
  Quan Bray WR 2018-08-05   Waived
  Corey Coleman WR 2018-08-05   Acquired from Browns
  Zay Jones WR 2018-08-05   NFI → ACT
July 2018
  Owa Odighizuwa DE 2018-07-29   Waived
  Ryan Russell DE 2018-07-29   Signed
  John Hughes III DT 2018-07-26   Signed
  Tenny Palepoi DT 2018-07-25   Waived
  Zay Jones WR 2018-07-25   ACT → NFI
  Keenan Robinson LB 2018-07-24   Signed
May 2018
  Eric Wood C 2018-05-31   Retired
  Aaron Green RB 2018-05-22   Waived
  Richie Incognito G 2018-05-21   Retired
  Zach Olstad FB 2018-05-14   Signed
  Aaron Green RB 2018-05-14   ACT → IR
  Gerhard de Beer T 2018-05-11   Signed
  Levi Wallace CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Corey Thompson LB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Mo Porter T 2018-05-11   Signed
  Cam Phillips WR 2018-05-11   Signed
  Mike Love DE 2018-05-11   Signed
  Robert Foster WR 2018-05-11   Signed
  Keith Ford RB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Tyler Davis K 2018-05-11   Signed
  Ryan Carter CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Ike Boettger T 2018-05-11   Signed
  Mat Boesen DE 2018-05-11   Signed
April 2018
  Wyatt Teller G 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Austin Proehl WR 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Siran Neal S 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Ray-Ray McCloud WR 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Taron Johnson CB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Harrison Phillips DT 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Tremaine Edmunds LB 2018-04-26   Drafted
  Josh Allen QB 2018-04-26   Drafted
  Fred Jackson RB 2018-04-19   Retired
  Fred Jackson RB 2018-04-18   Signed (RET)
  Cap Capi DE 2018-04-17   Waived
  Tenny Palepoi DT 2018-04-16   Signed
  Jeremy Kerley WR 2018-04-16   Signed
  Richie Incognito G 2018-04-12   ACT → RET
  Terrence Fede DE 2018-04-09   Signed
March 2018
  Phillip Gaines CB 2018-03-29   Signed
  Kaelin Clay WR 2018-03-29   Signed
  Ryan Davis DE 2018-03-26   Waived
  Marshall Newhouse T 2018-03-19   Signed
  Russell Bodine C 2018-03-19   Signed
  Julian Stanford LB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Trent Murphy DE 2018-03-15   Signed
  A.J. McCarron QB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Star Lotulelei DT 2018-03-15   Signed
  Rafael Bush S 2018-03-15   Signed
  Shareece Wright CB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Joe Webb QB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Mike Tolbert FB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Cedric Thornton DL 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Deonte Thompson WR 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Shamarko Thomas S 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Tyrod Taylor QB 2018-03-14   Traded to Browns
  Brandon Tate WR 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jordan Matthews WR 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Leonard Johnson DB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Seantrel Henderson T 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Cordy Glenn OT 2018-03-14   Traded to Bengals
  E.J. Gaines DB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jeremy Butler WR 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Preston Brown LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Anquan Boldin WR 2018-03-14   Retired
  Colt Anderson S 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost