Cleveland Browns


Roster changes for 2019.

May 2019
  L.J. Scott RB 2019-05-16   Waived
  D'Ernest Johnson RB 2019-05-16   Signed
  Devante Mays RB 2019-05-13   Waived
  L.J. Scott RB 2019-05-13   Signed
  Xavier Woodson-Luster ILB 2019-05-06   Waived
  Ashton Lampkin CB 2019-05-06   Waived
  Darrin Hall RB 2019-05-06   Waived
  Willie Harvey LB 2019-05-06   Signed
  Trayone Gray RB 2019-05-06   Signed
  Jhavonte Dean CB 2019-05-06   Signed
  D'Juan Hines LB 2019-05-03   Waived
  Dedrick Young LB 2019-05-03   Signed
  Willie Wright C 2019-05-03   Signed
  Trevon Tate C 2019-05-03   Signed
  Anthony Stubbs LB 2019-05-03   Signed
  Wyatt Ray DE 2019-05-03   Signed
  Jermaine Ponder CB 2019-05-03   Signed
  Jarrell Owens DE 2019-05-03   Signed
  D.J. Montgomery WR 2019-05-03   Signed
  J.T. Hassell S 2019-05-03   Signed
  Darrin Hall RB 2019-05-03   Signed
  Jamie Gillan P 2019-05-03   Signed
  Brian Fineanganofo T 2019-05-03   Signed
  Stephen Carlson TE 2019-05-03   Signed
  David Blough QB 2019-05-03   Signed
  Dorian Baker WR 2019-05-03   Signed
  Lenny Jones DE 2019-05-02   Waived
  David Bright G 2019-05-01   Waived
April 2019
  Kyle Friend C 2019-04-29   Waived
  Mack Wilson LB 2019-04-27   Drafted
  Austin Seibert K 2019-04-27   Drafted
  Sheldrick Redwine S 2019-04-27   Drafted
  Donnie Lewis CB 2019-04-27   Drafted
  Drew Forbes T 2019-04-27   Drafted
  Greedy Williams CB 2019-04-26   Drafted
  Sione Takitaki LB 2019-04-26   Drafted
  Ishmael Hyman WR 2019-04-25   Signed
  Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi WR 2019-04-05   Signed
  Garrett Gilbert QB 2019-04-05   Signed
  Morgan Burnett S 2019-04-05   Signed
  Howard Wilson DB 2019-04-01   Waived
  Emmanuel Ogbah DE 2019-04-01   Traded to Chiefs
  Ricardo Louis WR 2019-04-01   Waived
  Derrick Kindred S 2019-04-01   Waived
  Eric Murray S 2019-04-01   Acquired from Chiefs
March 2019
  Bryan Witzmann G 2019-03-22   Signed
  Kendall Lamm T 2019-03-15   Signed
  Kareem Hunt RB 2019-03-15   ECP → ACT
  Adarius Taylor LB 2019-03-14   Signed
  Sheldon Richardson DT 2019-03-14   Signed
  Eric Kush G 2019-03-14   Signed
  Demetrius Harris TE 2019-03-14   Signed
  Kevin Zeitler G 2019-03-13   Traded to Giants
  Earl Watford OL 2019-03-13   Free Agent/Lost
  Joe Thomas OL 2019-03-13   Retired
  Tyrod Taylor QB 2019-03-13   Free Agent/Lost
  Rod Streater WR 2019-03-13   Free Agent/Lost
  Donald Stephenson OL 2019-03-13   Retired
  Breshad Perriman WR 2019-03-13   Free Agent/Lost
  Jabrill Peppers S 2019-03-13   Traded to Giants
  E.J. Gaines CB 2019-03-13   Free Agent/Lost
  Briean Boddy-Calhoun CB 2019-03-13   Free Agent/Lost
  Olivier Vernon DE 2019-03-13   Acquired from Giants
  Odell Beckham Jr. WR 2019-03-13   Acquired from Giants