Cleveland Browns


Roster changes for 2018.

June 2018
  Rod Johnson OL 2018-06-19   Waived
  Greg Robinson OL 2018-06-19   Signed
  DeMarquis Gates LB 2018-06-14   Waived
  Ross Martin K 2018-06-14   Signed
  Brady Sheldon LB 2018-06-13   Assigned via Waivers
  Howard Wilson DB 2018-06-13   ACT → IR
  Tank Carder LB 2018-06-05   Waived
  Mychal Kendricks LB 2018-06-05   Signed
May 2018
  DeMarquis Gates LB 2018-05-22   Signed
  Jamar Taylor CB 2018-05-19   Traded to Cardinals
  Austin Calitro LB 2018-05-18   Waived
  Marcell Frazier DL 2018-05-18   Assigned via Waivers
  Christian Schneider OL 2018-05-15   Waived
  Michael Carrizosa P 2018-05-15   Waived
  Avery Gennesy OL 2018-05-15   Assigned via Waivers
  Anthony Fabiano OL 2018-05-15   Assigned via Waivers
  Tigie Sankoh DB 2018-05-14   Signed
  Brogan Roback QB 2018-05-14   Signed
  Joel Stave QB 2018-05-07   Waived
  Justin Vogel P 2018-05-07   Assigned via Waivers
  Lenny Jones DL 2018-05-06   Signed
  Julian Allen TE 2018-05-06   Signed
  Randall Telfer TE 2018-05-04   Waived
  Derrick Willies WR 2018-05-04   Signed
  Trenton Thompson DL 2018-05-04   Signed
  Da'Mari Scott WR 2018-05-04   Signed
  Montrel Meander DB 2018-05-04   Signed
  Fred Lauina OL 2018-05-04   Signed
  Dontrell Hilliard RB 2018-05-04   Signed
  Desmond Harrison OL 2018-05-04   Signed
  Micah Hannemann DB 2018-05-04   Signed
  Daniel Ekuale DL 2018-05-04   Signed
  Christian DiLauro OL 2018-05-04   Signed
  Michael Carrizosa P 2018-05-04   Signed
  Elijah Campbell DB 2018-05-04   Signed
  Evan Berry WR 2018-05-04   Signed
  Darius Jackson RB 2018-05-03   Waived
  Dominique Alexander LB 2018-05-03   Waived
  Jermaine Grace LB 2018-05-02   Assigned via Waivers
April 2018
  Kasen Williams WR 2018-04-30   Waived
  Kai Nacua DB 2018-04-30   Waived
  Matt Hazel WR 2018-04-30   Waived
  Joel Stave QB 2018-04-30   Signed
  Simeon Thomas DB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Damion Ratley WR 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Antonio Callaway WR 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Genard Avery LB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Chad Thomas DL 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Austin Corbett OL 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Nick Chubb RB 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Denzel Ward DB 2018-04-26   Drafted
  Baker Mayfield QB 2018-04-26   Drafted
  Corey White DB 2018-04-20   Waived
  Reggie Porter DB 2018-04-20   Waived
  Kelvin Taylor RB 2018-04-12   Waived
  C.J. Smith CB 2018-04-12   Waived
  Larry Pinkard WR 2018-04-12   Waived
  Matt Lengel TE 2018-04-12   Waived
  Bug Howard WR 2018-04-12   Waived
  Gavin Escobar TE 2018-04-12   Waived
  Max Bullough LB 2018-04-12   Waived
  Kevin Hogan QB 2018-04-06   Traded to Redskins
March 2018
  Drew Stanton QB 2018-03-30   Signed
  Jeff Janis WR 2018-03-30   Signed
  Cody Kessler QB 2018-03-28   Traded to Jaguars
  E.J. Gaines DB 2018-03-23   Signed
  B.W. Webb CB 2018-03-15   Waived
  Josh Rounds RB 2018-03-15   Waived
  Jason McCourty CB 2018-03-15   Traded to Patriots
  Trevon Hartfield DB 2018-03-15   Waived
  Sammie Coates WR 2018-03-15   Waived
  Joseph Cheek OT 2018-03-15   Waived
  Jeremy Cash LB 2018-03-15   Waived
  Collin Bevins DL 2018-03-15   Waived
  Zach Banner T 2018-03-15   Waived
  Ricky Ali'ifua DL 2018-03-15   Waived
  Donald Stephenson OL 2018-03-15   Signed
  Chris Smith DL 2018-03-15   Signed
  Terrance Mitchell DB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Carlos Hyde RB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Chris Hubbard OL 2018-03-15   Signed
  Darren Fells TE 2018-03-15   Signed
  T.J. Carrie DB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Joe Thomas OL 2018-03-15   ACT → RET
  Danny Shelton DL 2018-03-14   Traded to Patriots
  Marcus Martin G 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  DeShone Kizer QB 2018-03-14   Traded to Packers
  Josh Keyes ILB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Lavar Edwards DL 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Isaiah Crowell RB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Chris Barker OL 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Tyrod Taylor QB 2018-03-14   Acquired from Bills
  Damarious Randall DB 2018-03-14   Acquired from Packers
  Jarvis Landry WR 2018-03-14   Acquired from Dolphins