Kansas City Chiefs


Roster changes for 2018.

June 2018
  Akeem Hunt RB 2018-06-20   Waived
  Malik Reaves DB 2018-06-14   Waived
  Kaleb Johnson OL 2018-06-14   Waived
  Bentley Spain OL 2018-06-14   Signed
  Josh Crockett WR 2018-06-14   Signed
  Algernon Brown FB 2018-06-14   Signed
  J.D. Moore RB 2018-06-14   ACT → IR
May 2018
  Davon Grayson WR 2018-05-30   Waived
  Jordan Smallwood WR 2018-05-30   Signed
  Jordan Smallwood WR 2018-05-16   Waived
  Davon Grayson WR 2018-05-16   Signed
  Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT 2018-05-10   Waived
  Stefan Charles DL 2018-05-10   Signed
  Akeem Hunt RB 2018-05-09   ACT → PUP
  Nelson Spruce WR 2018-05-08   Waived
  Brandon Shippen WR 2018-05-08   Waived
  DeVondre Seymour OL 2018-05-08   Waived
  Prince Charles Iworah DB 2018-05-08   Waived
  Stefan Charles DL 2018-05-08   Waived
  Jordan Smallwood WR 2018-05-08   Signed
  Malik Reaves DB 2018-05-08   Signed
  Robert McCray LB 2018-05-08   Signed
  Tejan Koroma OL 2018-05-08   Signed
  Alex Ellis TE 2018-05-08   Assigned via Waivers
  Step Durham DB 2018-05-08   Signed
  Darrel Williams RB 2018-05-05   Signed
  D'Montre Wade DB 2018-05-05   Signed
  Arrion Springs DB 2018-05-05   Signed
  DeVondre Seymour OL 2018-05-05   Signed
  Byron Pringle WR 2018-05-05   Signed
  Ben Niemann LB 2018-05-05   Signed
  Jimmy Murray OL 2018-05-05   Signed
  J.D. Moore RB 2018-05-05   Signed
  Elijah Marks WR 2018-05-05   Signed
  Blake Mack TE 2018-05-05   Signed
  Chase Litton QB 2018-05-05   Signed
  Dee Liner DL 2018-05-05   Signed
  Ryan Hunter OL 2018-05-05   Signed
  Raymond Davison LB 2018-05-05   Signed
  Dadi Nicolas LB 2018-05-04   Waived
  Orson Charles TE 2018-05-03   Waived
  Josh Augusta DL 2018-05-03   Waived
  Devin Chappell DB 2018-05-01   Waived
April 2018
  Mike Purcell DL 2018-04-30   Waived
  Sheldon Price DB 2018-04-30   Waived
  Anthony Firkser TE 2018-04-30   Waived
  Armani Watts DB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Tremon Smith DB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Kahlil McKenzie OL 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Breeland Speaks LB 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Dorian O'Daniel LB 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Derrick Nnadi DL 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Kerwynn Williams RB 2018-04-16   Signed
  Tim Wright TE 2018-04-10   Signed
  George Atkinson III RB 2018-04-04   Waived
  Robert Golden DB 2018-04-03   Signed
March 2018
  Nelson Spruce WR 2018-03-30   Signed
  Matt McGloin QB 2018-03-30   Signed
  Damien Williams RB 2018-03-22   Signed
  Xavier Williams DL 2018-03-20   Signed
  Chad Henne QB 2018-03-16   Signed
  Sammy Watkins WR 2018-03-15   Signed
  Anthony Hitchens LB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Ramik Wilson LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Albert Wilson WR 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Steven Terrell DB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  C.J. Spiller RB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Alex Smith QB 2018-03-14   Traded to Redskins
  Kevin Pierre-Louis LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Marcus Peters CB 2018-03-14   Traded to Rams
  Terrance Mitchell DB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Bennie Logan DT 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Derrick Johnson LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Phillip Gaines CB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Zach Fulton C/G 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Tyler Bray QB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Keith Baxter DB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Kenneth Acker CB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Kendall Fuller DB 2018-03-14   Acquired from Redskins