Los Angeles Rams


Roster changes for 2017.

June 2017
  Tyrunn Walker DT 2017-06-22   Waived
  Brian Randolph S 2017-06-21   Waived
  Teidrick Smith OLB 2017-06-20   Waived
  Demetrius Rhaney OL 2017-06-20   Waived
  Reggie Northrup LB 2017-06-20   Waived
  Marquez North WR 2017-06-20   Waived
  Dylan Thompson QB 2017-06-15   Waived
  Greg Robinson T 2017-06-15   Traded to Lions
  Alex Kozan OL 2017-06-15   Signed
  Michael Dunn OL 2017-06-15   Signed
May 2017
  De'Mard Llorens RB 2017-05-30   Waived
  Dylan Thompson QB 2017-05-30   Signed
  Dravious Wright DB 2017-05-22   Waived
  Kwayde Miller OL 2017-05-22   Waived
  A.J. Jefferson DT 2017-05-22   Signed
  Omarius Bryant DT 2017-05-22   Signed
  Dravious Wright DB 2017-05-22   ACT → LS
  Folarin Orimolade LB 2017-05-16   Waived
  Dominique Hatfield DB 2017-05-16   Signed
  Austin Blythe C 2017-05-16   Assigned via Waivers
  Shaq McMeans OL 2017-05-15   Waived
  Jared Collins CB 2017-05-15   Waived
  Teidrick Smith OLB 2017-05-15   Signed
  Shakeir Ryan WR 2017-05-15   Signed
  De'Mard Llorens RB 2017-05-15   Signed
  Alex Kozan OL 2017-05-12   Waived
  Ishmael Adams CB 2017-05-12   Waived
  Lenard Tillery RB 2017-05-12   Signed
  Shaq McMeans OL 2017-05-12   Signed
  Justin Davis RB 2017-05-12   Signed
  Aaron Murray QB 2017-05-11   Waived
  Aarion Penton CB 2017-05-08   Signed
  Ishmael Adams CB 2017-05-08   Signed
  Kwayde Miller OL 2017-05-05   Signed
  Alex Kozan OL 2017-05-05   Signed
  Bryce Williams TE 2017-05-03   Waived
  Brandon Wegher RB 2017-05-03   Waived
  Andrew East LS 2017-05-03   Waived
  Jerome Couplin III DB 2017-05-03   Waived
  Dravious Wright DB 2017-05-03   Signed
  Casey Sayles DT 2017-05-03   Signed
  Mike Purcell DT 2017-05-03   Assigned via Waivers
  Folarin Orimolade LB 2017-05-03   Signed
  Johnny Mundt TE 2017-05-03   Signed
  Jake Eldrenkamp C 2017-05-03   Signed
  Kevin Davis LB 2017-05-03   Signed
  Jared Collins CB 2017-05-03   Signed
  David Arkin G 2017-05-01   Waived
April 2017
  Tanzel Smart DT 2017-04-29   Drafted
  Sam Rogers FB 2017-04-29   Drafted
  Josh Reynolds WR 2017-04-29   Drafted
  Ejuan Price DE 2017-04-29   Drafted
  Samson Ebukam LB 2017-04-29   Drafted
  Cooper Kupp WR 2017-04-28   Drafted
  John Johnson S 2017-04-28   Drafted
  Gerald Everett TE 2017-04-28   Drafted
  Tre' Jackson OG 2017-04-21   Waived
  Kevin Short CB 2017-04-19   Waived
  Tre' Jackson OG 2017-04-19   Assigned via Waivers
  Stedman Bailey WR 2017-04-10   Waived
  Nickell Robey-Coleman DB 2017-04-07   Signed
  Carlos Thompson OLB 2017-04-05   Signed
  John Sullivan C 2017-04-05   Signed
March 2017
  Tyrunn Walker DT 2017-03-24   Signed
  Aaron Murray QB 2017-03-23   Signed
  Lance Dunbar RB 2017-03-16   Signed
  Connor Barwin OLB 2017-03-16   Signed
  Kayvon Webster CB 2017-03-14   Signed
  Andrew East LS 2017-03-14   Signed
  Robert Woods WR 2017-03-11   Signed
  Andrew Whitworth T 2017-03-11   Signed
  Trey Watts RB 2017-03-10   Waived
  Eugene Sims DE 2017-03-10   Waived
  Tre Mason RB 2017-03-10   Waived
  Lance Kendricks TE 2017-03-10   Waived
  William Hayes DE 2017-03-10   Traded to Dolphins
  Tim Barnes C 2017-03-10   Waived
  Cam Thomas DL 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost
  Chase Reynolds RB 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost
  Brian Quick WR 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost
  T.J. McDonald S 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost
  Case Keenum QB 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost
  Benny Cunningham RB 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost
  Kenny Britt WR 2017-03-09   Free Agent/Lost