Miami Dolphins


Roster changes for 2018.

September 2018
  Nick O'Leary TE 2018-09-20   Signed (PS)
  Maurice Smith S 2018-09-18   PS → ACT
  Quincy Redmon DE 2018-09-15   Waived
  Josh Sitton G 2018-09-14   ACT → IR
  Cameron Malveaux DE 2018-09-11   Waived
  Gavin Escobar TE 2018-09-11   Waived
  Travis Swanson C 2018-09-11   Signed
  Lucas Gravelle LS 2018-09-11   Signed (PS)
  Rashawn Scott WR 2018-09-06   Waived
  Gavin Escobar TE 2018-09-06   Signed
  MarQueis Gray TE 2018-09-06   ACT → IR
  Jeremy Langford RB 2018-09-05   Waived
  Maurice Smith S 2018-09-05   Signed (PS)
  Travis Swanson C 2018-09-04   Waived
  Brandon Bolden RB 2018-09-04   Signed
  Maurice Smith S 2018-09-03   Waived
  Sam Young OT 2018-09-03   Signed
  Travis Swanson C 2018-09-03   Signed
  John Denney LS 2018-09-03   Signed
  Sam Young OT 2018-09-02   Waived
  John Denney LS 2018-09-02   Waived
  Jonathan Woodard DE 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Quentin Poling LB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Jamiyus Pittman DT 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Tanner McEvoy WR 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Cameron Malveaux DE 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Jeremy Langford RB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Connor Hilland C 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Isaiah Ford WR 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Luke Falk QB 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Jalen Davis CB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Leonte Carroo WR 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Isaac Asiata G 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Mike Hull OLB 2018-09-02   ACT → IR
  Jake Brendel C 2018-09-02   ACT → IR
  Jonathan Woodard DE 2018-09-01   Waived
  David Steinmetz OT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Eric Smith OT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Brandon Radcliff RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Quentin Poling LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jamiyus Pittman DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Francis Owusu WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Anthony Moten DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Drew Morgan WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Mike Matthews C 2018-09-01   Waived
  Claudy Mathieu DE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Cameron Malveaux DE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Tony Lippett CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Malcolm Lewis WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jeremy Langford RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Kendall Langford DL 2018-09-01   Waived
  Roubbens Joseph OT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Greg Joseph K 2018-09-01   Waived
  Buddy Howell RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Connor Hilland C 2018-09-01   Waived
  Lucas Gravelle LS 2018-09-01   Waived
  Frank Ginda LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Terence Garvin LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Isaiah Ford WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Gavin Escobar TE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Trae Elston S 2018-09-01   Waived
  Thomas Duarte TE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jalen Davis CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Cayson Collins LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Leonte Carroo WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Taveze Calhoun CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Isaac Asiata G 2018-09-01   Waived
  Johnathan Alston CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Rashawn Scott WR 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
  Quincy Redmon DE 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
  Bryce Petty QB 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
August 2018
  Jordan Lucas DB 2018-08-31   Traded to Chiefs
  Gabe Wright DT 2018-08-14   Waived
  Kendall Langford DL 2018-08-14   Signed
  Jeremy Langford RB 2018-08-06   Signed
July 2018
  Frank Ginda LB 2018-07-24   Signed
  Mike McCray LB 2018-07-24   ACT → RET
May 2018
  Sean Hickey OT 2018-05-29   Waived
  Mike Matthews C 2018-05-25   Signed
  David Steinmetz OT 2018-05-11   Signed
  Quincy Redmon DE 2018-05-11   Signed
  Jamiyus Pittman DT 2018-05-11   Signed
  Anthony Moten DT 2018-05-11   Signed
  Mike McCray LB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Claudy Mathieu DE 2018-05-11   Signed
  Greg Joseph K 2018-05-11   Signed
  Buddy Howell RB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Connor Hilland C 2018-05-11   Signed
  Lucas Gravelle LS 2018-05-11   Signed
  Jalen Davis CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Cayson Collins LB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Johnathan Alston CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Tracy Howard CB 2018-05-10   Waived
  Bryce Petty QB 2018-05-04   Assigned via Waivers
  Akeem Spence DT 2018-05-03   Acquired from Lions
April 2018
  Durham Smythe TE 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Jason Sanders K 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Quentin Poling LB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Kalen Ballage RB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Cornell Armstrong CB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Mike Gesicki TE 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Jerome Baker LB 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Minkah Fitzpatrick S 2018-04-26   Drafted
  Paul Soliai DT 2018-04-20   Retired
  Brandon Fields P 2018-04-20   Retired
  Chris Chambers WR 2018-04-20   Retired
  Vernon Carey G 2018-04-20   Retired
  Paul Soliai DT 2018-04-19   Signed (RET)
  Brandon Fields P 2018-04-19   Signed (RET)
  Chris Chambers WR 2018-04-19   Signed (RET)
  Vernon Carey G 2018-04-19   Signed (RET)
  Gavin Escobar TE 2018-04-16   Signed
  Terence Garvin LB 2018-04-11   Signed
  Brandon Doughty QB 2018-04-04   Waived
  Roubbens Joseph OT 2018-04-04   Signed
March 2018
  Brock Osweiler QB 2018-03-23   Signed
  Frank Gore RB 2018-03-23   Signed
  Josh Sitton G 2018-03-16   Signed
  Mike Pouncey C 2018-03-15   Waived
  Albert Wilson WR 2018-03-15   Signed
  Daniel Kilgore C 2018-03-15   Acquired from 49ers
  Danny Amendola WR 2018-03-15   Signed
  Damien Williams RB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Alterraun Verner CB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Michael Thomas S 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Julius Thomas TE 2018-03-14   Retired
  Ndamukong Suh DT 2018-03-14   Waived
  Anthony Steen C/G 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  De'Veon Smith RB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Cody Parkey K 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Matt Moore QB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Koa Misi LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jarvis Landry WR 2018-03-14   Traded to Browns
  Neville Hewitt LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Terrence Fede DE 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Anthony Fasano TE 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jay Cutler QB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jermon Bushrod T 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Lamin Barrow LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Nate Allen S 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Robert Quinn DE 2018-03-14   Acquired from Rams