New York Giants


Roster changes for 2018.

September 2018
  Shane Smith FB 2018-09-19   Waived
  Elijhaa Penny RB 2018-09-19   Signed from Cardinals practice squad
  Stacy Coley WR 2018-09-19   Assigned via Waivers
  Jon Halapio OL 2018-09-19   ACT → IR
  Calvin Munson ILB 2018-09-13   Waived
  Brian Mihalik OT 2018-09-13   Signed (PS)
  Darian Thompson S 2018-09-07   Waived
  Josh Banks DT 2018-09-07   Waived
  Robert Martin RB 2018-09-07   Signed (PS)
  Robert Martin RB 2018-09-05   Waived
  Nick Becton OL 2018-09-05   Waived
  Nathan Stupar LB 2018-09-05   Signed
  Romeo Okwara DE 2018-09-04   Waived
  John Jenkins DT 2018-09-04   Signed
  Josh Banks DT 2018-09-04   Signed (PS)
  Ukeme Eligwe LB 2018-09-03   Signed (PS)
  Davis Webb QB 2018-09-02   Waived
  Hunter Sharp WR 2018-09-02   Waived
  John Jerry G 2018-09-02   Waived
  William Gay CB 2018-09-02   Waived
  Josh Banks DT 2018-09-02   Waived
  Jerell Adams TE 2018-09-02   Waived
  Victor Salako T 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Alonzo Russell WR 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Spencer Pulley C 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Jhurell Pressley RB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Calvin Munson ILB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Avery Moss OLB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Kamrin Moore S 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Mike Jordan CB 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Antonio Hamilton CB 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Grant Haley CB 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Mario Edwards Jr. DE 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Garrett Dickerson TE 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Jawill Davis WR 2018-09-02   Signed (PS)
  Kaelin Clay WR 2018-09-02   Assigned via Waivers
  Robert Thomas II DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Orion Stewart DB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jalen Simmons RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Chris Scott G 2018-09-01   Waived
  Victor Salako T 2018-09-01   Waived
  Alonzo Russell WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Travis Rudolph WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Kalif Raymond WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jhurell Pressley RB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Ryan O'Malley TE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Calvin Munson ILB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Avery Moss OLB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Izaah Lunsford DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Warren Long LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Chris Lewis-Harris CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Roger Lewis WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Marshall Koehn K 2018-09-01   Waived
  Zac Kerin G 2018-09-01   Waived
  Mike Jones CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Leonard Johnson DB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Mark Herzlich LB 2018-09-01   Waived
  Grant Haley CB 2018-09-01   Waived
  A.J. Francis DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Amba Etta-Tawo WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Garrett Dickerson TE 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jawill Davis WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Tyrell Chavis DT 2018-09-01   Waived
  Marquis Bundy WR 2018-09-01   Waived
  Malcolm Bunche G 2018-09-01   Waived
  Andrew Adams S 2018-09-01   Waived
  Jordan Williams OLB 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
  Darian Thompson S 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
  Josh Mauro DE 2018-09-01   ACT → SUS
  Nick Gates G 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
  Nick Becton OL 2018-09-01   ACT → IR
August 2018
  Brett Jones C 2018-08-26   Traded to Vikings
  Mike Basile S 2018-08-20   Waived
  Jhurell Pressley RB 2018-08-20   Signed
  Warren Long LB 2018-08-20   Signed
  Thurston Armbrister ILB 2018-08-20   ACT → IR
  Mike Jones CB 2018-08-11   Signed
  Kristjan Sokoli DT 2018-08-11   ACT → IR
  Mike Basile S 2018-08-08   Signed
  Teddy Williams CB 2018-08-06   Waived
  Kenneth Durden CB 2018-08-03   Waived
  Leonard Johnson DB 2018-08-03   Signed
  Jarron Jones T 2018-08-01   Waived
  Victor Salako T 2018-08-01   Assigned via Waivers
July 2018
  Kenneth Durden CB 2018-07-29   Signed
  Sam Beal CB 2018-07-29   ACT → IR
  Taylor Symmank P 2018-07-25   Waived
  Kyle Carter TE 2018-07-25   Waived
  Izaah Lunsford DT 2018-07-25   Signed
  Connor Barwin LB 2018-07-25   Signed
  R.J. McIntosh DT 2018-07-22   ACT → NFI
  Ethan Cooper OL 2018-07-12   Waived
  Zac Kerin G 2018-07-12   Signed
  Kenneth Durden CB 2018-07-11   Waived
  Sam Beal CB 2018-07-11   Signed
June 2018
  Aaron Davis CB 2018-06-14   Waived
  Scott Simonson TE 2018-06-12   Signed
  Aaron Davis CB 2018-06-12   ACT → IR
  Tyler Howell T 2018-06-11   Waived
  Jarron Jones T 2018-06-11   Signed
  Kenneth Durden CB 2018-06-11   Signed
  Taylor Symmank P 2018-06-05   Signed
  Jeremiah McKinnon DB 2018-06-04   Waived
  Mike Jones CB 2018-06-04   Waived
  Keeon Johnson WR 2018-06-04   Waived
  Garrett Dickerson TE 2018-06-04   Signed
May 2018
  Tim Scott CB 2018-05-22   Waived
  Russell Shepard WR 2018-05-22   Signed
  Derrick Mathews LB 2018-05-14   Waived
  C.J. Goodwin CB 2018-05-14   Waived
  Bryon Fields CB 2018-05-14   Waived
  Brandon Dixon CB 2018-05-14   Waived
  Adam Bisnowaty T 2018-05-14   Waived
  Stephen Baggett TE 2018-05-14   Waived
  Chris Scott G 2018-05-14   Signed
  Alonzo Russell WR 2018-05-14   Signed
  Robert Martin RB 2018-05-14   Signed
  Chris Lewis-Harris CB 2018-05-14   Signed
  Mike Jones CB 2018-05-14   Signed
  Malcolm Bunche G 2018-05-14   Signed
  Laurence Gibson T 2018-05-11   Waived
  Tyler Howell T 2018-05-11   Signed
  Grant Haley CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Nick Gates G 2018-05-11   Signed
  Bryon Fields CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Jawill Davis WR 2018-05-11   Signed
  Aaron Davis CB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Tae Davis ILB 2018-05-11   Signed
  Tyrell Chavis DT 2018-05-11   Signed
  Sean Chandler S 2018-05-11   Signed
  Evan Brown C 2018-05-11   Signed
  Stephen Baggett TE 2018-05-11   Signed
  Paul Perkins RB 2018-05-10   ACT → NFI
  Terrell Watson RB 2018-05-07   Waived
  Canaan Severin WR 2018-05-07   Waived
  Austin Rehkow P 2018-05-07   Waived
  Ryan Murphy S 2018-05-07   Waived
  Damien Mama G 2018-05-07   Waived
  Orion Stewart DB 2018-05-03   Signed
  Alex Tanney QB 2018-05-02   Signed
  C.J. Goodwin CB 2018-05-02   Assigned via Waivers
  A.J. Francis DT 2018-05-02   Signed
April 2018
  R.J. McIntosh DT 2018-04-28   Drafted
  Kyle Lauletta QB 2018-04-28   Drafted
  B.J. Hill DT 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Will Hernandez G 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Lorenzo Carter OLB 2018-04-27   Drafted
  Saquon Barkley RB 2018-04-26   Drafted
  Darius Powe WR 2018-04-23   Waived
  Riley Dixon P 2018-04-23   Acquired from Broncos
  Brandon Marshall WR 2018-04-19   Waived
  Jessamen Dunker T 2018-04-19   Waived
  William Gay CB 2018-04-05   Signed
March 2018
  Michael Thomas S 2018-03-26   Signed
  Jason Pierre-Paul DE 2018-03-22   Traded to Buccaneers
  Dwayne Harris WR/RS 2018-03-22   Waived
  B.W. Webb CB 2018-03-19   Signed
  Josh Mauro DE 2018-03-19   Signed
  Cody Latimer WR 2018-03-19   Signed
  Curtis Riley CB 2018-03-16   Signed
  Patrick Omameh G 2018-03-16   Signed
  Nate Solder T 2018-03-15   Signed
  Kareem Martin OLB 2018-03-15   Signed
  Shane Vereen RB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Geno Smith QB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Kelvin Sheppard MLB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Keenan Robinson LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Weston Richburg C 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Justin Pugh OL 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Darryl Morris DB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Tavarres King WR 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Devon Kennard LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Curtis Grant LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  D.J. Fluker G/T 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Orleans Darkwa RB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Ross Cockrell CB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jonathan Casillas LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Jay Bromley DT 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Nat Berhe S 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Akeem Ayers LB 2018-03-14   Free Agent/Lost
  Teddy Williams CB 2018-03-14   Signed
  Alec Ogletree LB 2018-03-14   Acquired from Rams